Intersolar 2017: Scaling Solar PV and Battery Storage, IRENA side-event

Renewable energy is now recognised as a key solution in the global response to climate change. Solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation is at the heart of this transformation, but more can be done to support PV project development, improve quality assurance infrastructure for the sector and plan for the more widespread use of battery storage as costs fall. On 1 June 2017, at Intersolar 2017 in Munich, Germany, IRENA present initiatives that support the development of bankable renewable energy projects & quality infrastructure for different types of PV markets, from nascent to mature markets. IRENA presented a detailed analysis of the costs and performance of battery electricity storage and the technology and market outlook to 2030.


Battery Electricity Storage Cost and Market Outlook to 2030

Michael Taylor, Senior Energy Analyst, IRENA

Understanding Technical and Market Requirements of Mini/Micro Grid Projects and Solar Home Systems to Increase the Penetration of Solar PV Distributed Generation

Roland Roesch, Senior Programme Officer - RE Markets and Technology, IRENAand Simon Benmarraze, Analyst, Project Navigator, IRENA

Extending the Frontier of PV Reliability: The Role of Quality Infrastructure

Francisco Boshell, Analyst RE Markets and Standards, IRENA

Towards a Global Valuation Framework for Energy Storage

Emanuele Taibi, Power Sector Transformation Strategies, IRENA