Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference — IRENA Innovation Session: The increasing role of consumers in the transformation of the power sector

As part of the Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference (G-STIC), IRENA held a session on consumer-led innovations in the global power sector. The session provided first-hand information on leading innovations that support the power sector’s transformation towards a more decentralised and renewable based system, with consumers are at the center. This transformation enables communities to take a more active role: consumers are becoming more informed, empowered, they can manage their demand, produce and even trade clean electricity.

Multiple success stories highlighted a central concept – innovations for community power. The replicability of such innovations, their relevance at the global scale, and their impact on the power sector transformation were discussed.

The session included the following presentations:

Introductory presentations:

Success stories presentations:

Through this session, IRENA initiated an open dialogue between stakeholders, including the private sector and policy makers, to foster innovation for the energy transformation. The session provided valuable input to the upcoming IRENA Innovation Landscape Report for the Power Sector Transformation, which aims to increase awareness among policy makers about emerging innovations and provide guidance on the best options to suitcountry context and needs.