Energy Planning Capacity Building Sierra Leone — National training course 2: Scenario Development


From 27 August – 7 September 2018, the Republic of Sierra Leone’s government and IRENA held the second two-week training course on strategic long-term energy planning in Freetown that focused on finalising the SPLAT-SL model and energy planning scenarios.

The training course was part of the IRENA-Sierra Leone capacity building programme on strategic long-term energy planning. It built off the IRENA kick-off mission to Sierra Leone in August 2017, the MESSAGE software online training in May 2018 (provided at the courtesy of the International Atomic Energy Agency), and the first two-week national training course in May/June 2018 that focused on development of the SPLAT-SL model.

Like the first national training course, this second training course was prepared and delivered by IRENA experts and attended by the national working team members. In preparation for the training course, the national working team had held regular coordination and work sessions to discuss the SPLAT-SL model development and define energy planning scenarios.

The detailed agenda of the training course covered the following topics:

  • Support and guidance to the national team in SPLAT-SL model review, data update and verification, model runs, results extraction/analysis and scenario development.
  • Update of the SPLAT-SL model with new demand load curves for the different sectors (industry, commerce, residential urban, rural and mining) to include overall electricity demand (provided by the central grid, suppressed and self-supplied demand).
  • Group work to develop and run the defined national energy planning scenarios in MESSAGE software. Presentation and discussion of the preliminary scenario modelling results. Group work to revise the scenario assumptions as per feedback.
  • Discussion of allocation of team tasks and timeline for master plan development.

Based on the final SPLAT-SL model and the scenario results, the working team will start to develop the draft energy master plan document, with support from IRENA as necessary. This will include regular coordination and work meetings by the national working team. The draft energy master plan will be reviewed and further developed at the third national training course (December 2018).

See the IRENA-Sierra Leone Capacity-Building Programme.