Renewable Energy Benefits: Can South East Europe realise the full potential of the Energy Transition?

Organised within the framework of IRENA’s Regional Initiative in South East Europe and co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this workshop aimed to improve understanding of renewable energy socio-economic impacts and the affordability of renewables.

Participants from governments, industry, academia, international financial institutions and other relevant institutions discussed:

  • how to maximize socio-economic and environmental benefits of RE;
  • how to increase use of modern bioenergy in the region;
  • how the falling costs of renewable power generation can influence developments in South East Europe;
  • IRENA’s role in South East Europe in the upcoming years in the context of the 2020-2021 Work Programme.

In addition, government representatives were invited to present their views on preliminary results of the REmap analysis that IRENA develops for countries of Central and South East Europe within the frameworks of the CESEC initiative. The study will determine cost-effective technical options to accelerate renewables deployment by 2030.

View the Workshop Agenda and Summary Report.



Session I: Socio-economic and environmental impacts of Renewables

Session II: IRENA’s role in South East Europe
Session III: Future of modern Bioenergy in SEE
Session IV: Affordability of Renewables