Coupling ocean energy with other sectors: Innovative business models and complementarities with renewable offshore technologies

IRENA organised the workshop: ‘Coupling ocean energy with other sectors: Innovative business models and complementarities with renewable offshore technologies>’ at the Energy3: Canada’s Energy Conference in Halifax, Canada, in partnership with Marine Renewables Canada (MRC). The conference brought together experts from the field of offshore energy and provided a platform for conversations, debates and new collaborations between academia, government and industry.

The workshop focused on potential pathways to improve the business case for ocean energy facilities through additional revenue streams from coupling ocean energy technologies (OET) with other energy sectors and offshore technologies. Discussed topics included innovative business models such as the coupling of OET with hydrogen electrolysers, electricity storage or solar PV generation. The session further identified synergies between OET and technologies like offshore wind to help overcome recurring technical challenges of corrosion, scour, etc. through common approaches.

The workshop was split into two sessions, the first focused on innovative business models and the second on leveraging complementarities in different offshore renewable technologies. It further provided a local and international view of the role of OET in the global energy transition.

The agenda and the presentations from the workshop can be downloaded using the links below.

Session Speaker
Setting the Scene IRENA activities: Offshore technologies overview, Roland Roesch, Deputy Director Innovation and Technology Center, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Part 1: Innovative Business Models: Coupling sectors River and tidal hydrokinetic power systems, microgrid turnkey solutions, Alexandre Paris , President and CEO, ORPC Canada

Alternative revenue streams for ocean energy, Rob Flynn, European Marine Energy Center, Europe

Multi-energy project: PHARES project for Ushant Island, Marlène Moutel, Business Development Engineer, Sabella

Ocean Energy sector coupling opportunities, Alessandra Salgado, Associate Program Officer, IRENA
Part 2: Leveraging complementarities: Ocean energy and RE offshore technologies Offshore wind experience and its complementarities with ocean energy, John Wright, Executive Director, Business Development. Northland Power, Canada and Germany

Wind and wave project, Sarah Thomas, Project Manager, DP Energy

Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) project, cross-sectoral collaboration for SMEs working in offshore renewable energy, Neil Farrington, Innovation Manager, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, UK