Regional Virtual Workshop On Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy

IRENA in collaboration with Regional Operating Entity (EOR) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) has been joining efforts in developing a capacity building programme in Central America for grid operators in the region. As part of this programme, a new session was held in Spanish, directed at national power system operators, regulators and professionals engaged in the planning exercises of the countries, aiming to understand different important aspects for the operation and management of VRE sources as part of the power system.

As part of the capacity building programme on integration of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources to the grid, part of the Clean Energy Corridor of Central America (CECCA) initiative, IRENA, GIZ and EOR co-organised a new virtual session held in Spanish and expanded to include participants from the Latin American region, promoting sharing of insights and lessons learnt in incorporating VRE in power systems, technical cooperation, and showcasing the regional Central American market.

Building on the previous work undertaken in the last grid integration workshop in El Salvador in 2019, this training gathered regional and national power system stakeholders in Latin America and focused on the following topics: Operation of power systems with high shares of VRE;  Enabling technologies:  Emerging trends; Grid connection codes and Grid compliance study; Recommendations to overcome technical constraints and challenges from VRE; Innovative Solutions to integrate higher shares of VRE.


Opening Session: Collaborative framework and summary of the work carried out in Latin America

Session 1: Country experiences, best practices and future expansion plans in the region with variable renewable energies (VRE)

  • Honduras: Jorge Núñez, Planning manager, System Operator
  • Central America: Christian Muñoz, Coordinator for System Planning, Regional Operating Entity (EOR)
  • Uruguay: Virginia Echinope, Director Electricity, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay.

Session 2: Operation of power systems with high rates of variable renewable energy

Session 3: Enabling Technologies – Emerging Trends

Session 4: Grid codes

Session 5: Operation of power systems with high rates of variable renewable energy II

Session 6: Innovative solutions to integrate a higher percentage of VRE