Technical Webinar Series - Transforming SIDS Power System through VRE in the Pacific

To transform their power systems and integrate variable renewable energy (VRE), small island developing states (SIDS) face numerous technical barriers including a lack of local capacity to plan, operate and maintain the systems. This webinar was aimed to present key findings from the IRENA’s report Transforming small island power systems and to share main takeaways from several grid assessment studies conducted in the recent past for the islands in Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.

See a recording of the webinar and download the presentations.

The webinar provided insights into technical constraints in the system to integrating variable renewable energy (VRE) and offered solutions to mitigate challenges considering system specificities, available resources and ensure a secure and reliable power system operation. IRENA’s presentation was complemented by perspectives from selected islands and the partner organisations.

In addition, IRENA presented additional work being undertaken to accelerate the energy transition in SIDS through the coordination of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative.

You can find more information about the event in the concept note and agenda.