Expert Consultation Workshop RRA Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) report is a tool developed by IRENA, as a country-led process, engaging multiple stakeholders, with the aim of providing  a holistic assessment of key conditions for renewable energy deployment, with short- to medium-term actions and recommendations to overcome barriers. As part of the ongoing Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) for Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs and IRENA jointly organised a 2-day Expert Consultation Workshop on December 13-14, 2021 with the support of GiZ, USAID and UNDP.

The workshop brought together large number of relevant stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of renewables and energy transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The outcomes of the discussions provided substantive inputs for the preparations of the RRA report.

Key objectives of the meeting:

  • Validate the findings of the RRA Issues Paper with respect to the status of renewable energy development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and key challenges hindering an accelerated deployment of renewables in the country.
  • Invite feedback from national stakeholders on possible priority actions to address the challenges including those identified by the RRA Issues Paper to be included as recommended actions in the RRA report. 
  • Ensure continued engagement of the key national stakeholders in the implementation of the RRA process.
  • Engage with the government, development partners, IFIs and other relevant actors to coordinate efforts in the implementation of the RRA process.

Closed meeting (invitation only).