IRENA Youth Talk
Energy Transition Heroes

This year, COP26 focused on securing a global net-zero target by mid-century and keeping global temperature below 1.5°C. In the run-up of this important summit, during the Youth Pre-Cop in Milan, young energy leaders from all around the world came together to discuss future goals to combat climate change and identify actions to accelerate the energy transition. A lot of work has preceded COP26, and many expectations have been put on this international conference. It is now time to strike a balance. Are young people satisfied with the results of the COP26 negotiations? What are the lessons learned?

Young people are the most threatened by climate change but, at the same time, they are the main actors in raising awareness and providing ambitious and innovative solutions worldwide. The “Youth4Climate” Manifesto, published immediately before COP26, stresses the importance of continuous youth engagement in a renewable-based energy transition. This new impetus was confirmed by young people’s significant contribution to the Conference of Parties in Glasgow and by their active involvement in climate negotiations and debates.

Therefore, the last Youth Talk of the “Energy Transition Heroes” series, organised by IRENA and Enel Foundation, aimed at engaging young people to set the future agenda in the fight against climate change through a renewables-based energy transition. Young leaders from across the globe came together to elaborate on the lessons learned from Pre-COP and COP26 and the role of youth in global climate actions. This webinar discussed the next steps for youth leaders to implement the outcome of COP26 and to actively engage in the energy transition for a sustainable future, in order to set the future agenda to boost the fight against climate change.

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