Innovations for Operating Power Systems with Increasing Shares of Variable Renewables – A Regional Perspective

The joint webinar by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), TransnetBW GmbH, one of the four TSOs in Germany and ICE, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, aimed at discussing innovative solutions for operating power systems with increasing shares of variable renewable electricity. The discussion aimed to touch upon the regional dimension, as both system operators are part of a larger regional electricity market that can facilitate integrating high shares of renewables, tapping into a larger balancing area.

IRENA’s presentation introduced the IRENA Innovation Landscape for a renewable power future and the systemic innovation approach needed. TransnetBW shared their experience with few European balancing platforms, which aims at cost-effectively balance the system by trading balancing services between different TSOs across national borders.  On the other hand, ICE shared its experience with operating a system almost entirely powered by renewable sources. In addition, Costa Rica is part of the  Central American regional market, and while the market is less integrated at regional level, renewables play an important role. While the challenges with integrating variable renewables are similar, the solutions are different.



  • Innovation Landscape report for a renewable-powered future, Arina Anisie, IRENA


  • European regional market: Balancing the system with increasing shares of variable renewables – Enhancing a balancing market, Peter Scheerer and Ana Burghi, TransnetBW Germany
  • Central American regional market: Operational experiences of high integration of renewable energy resources in Costa Rica, Juan Carlos Montero Quirós, ICE Costa Rica

Panel discussion and Q&A:

  • Moderator: Elena Ocenic, IRENA

Presentation slides can be accessed here.