Sector Coupling: A Key Concept for Accelerating the Energy Transition

The IRENA Coalition for Action launched a white paper Sector coupling: a key concept for accelerating the energy transition. This white paper has been developed jointly by members of the Coalition’s Working Group on Towards 100% Renewable Energy. Building on a selection of sector coupling case studies based on information from and first-hand interviews with company and country representative, the paper provides an overview of sector coupling as a strategy to increase energy system flexibility and reliability through direct or indirect use of electricity across end-use sectors. The white paper specifically aims to support governments and companies in the decision-making and implementation process of using sector coupling as a powerful tool towards 100% renewable energy and a net-zero emissions future.

The event gathered stakeholders from the private sector, civil society, industry associations and international organisations to discuss key opportunities and challenges and required policy frameworks for advancing sector coupling as a means towards achieving a fully renewables-based energy system. Discussions included successful examples of sector coupling strategies and implementation that are helping companies and governments transition to 100% renewable energy and meet ambitious renewable energy targets across end-use sectors.