Fourth Meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy/Offshore Renewables

The fourth meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy/Offshore Renewables was held virtually on 24 June 2022, from 15:00 - 17:00 Gulf Standard Time (GST).

Three virtual meetings of the Collaborative Framework have been held since its establishment. The third meeting  was organised on the World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2021, and it was attended by 33 delegations from Members and States in Accession with a total of 74 participants. The meeting, focused on two agenda items. First, members of the Collaborative Framework provided input to the G20 Action Agenda for the deployment of Offshore Renewables, commissioned by the Italian G20 Presidency to IRENA.

At the meeting, Members of the Collaborative Framework highlighted several potential key topics for regional collaboration such as studies for offshore energy technology potential, establishment of roadmaps, as well as research and development for less mature offshore and ocean energy technologies. Members of the Collaborative Framework have indicated that they would like to focus the discussions of the 4th meeting on best practices in enabling frameworks for offshore renewables.

Furthermore, after the third meeting of the Collaborative Framework, a complementary initiative has initiated. IRENA, taking stock from the outcome of the Collaborative Framework meetings, has joined forces with the Government of Denmark and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to establish the initiative Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA), which complements the Collaborative Framework from an industry focus perspective. GOWA’s vision, of a world in which offshore wind makes a significant contribution to the energy transition, is fully aligned with the Collaborative Framework.

Following the outcome from the previous meetings of the Collaborative Framework, the objectives of its fourth meeting were:

  • To introduce to the Collaborative Framework members the Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA) initiative and start a dialogue to identify potential areas of cooperation between both initiatives;
  • To conduct a first round of sharing good practices in implementing enabling frameworks to accelerate the deployment of offshore renewables globally. This session will be informed by private sector players bringing the industry perspective.

By invitation only.