Senegal Masterplan Development Support Programme - Second training course

In 2023, in partnership with IRENA and GIZ, the Senegal Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) is implementing a training programme to build capacity in long-term energy planning among the public institutions of Senegal’s energy sector. Using IRENA’s SPLAT-MESSAGE model for power system capacity expansion planning, the programme provides in-depth training on scenario development, and provide a platform to enhance institutional capacity to own and implement long-term national plans. The programme includes the creation of a national working team, further development of the SPLAT-Senegal national model, multiple hands-on training sessions, and support to draft a masterplan document which can be utilized in Senegal’s official planning process. The work of the programme is harmonised with the Continental Power System Masterplan (CMP) being developed by the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), supported by IRENA as modelling partner.

This event was the second of three week-long national training courses for the programme. The training course focus was on deepening expertise in modelling with the SPLAT-SN model, including updating the model, implementing scenarios to be analysed, and investigating model results. Participants included the official national working team and other key stakeholders in the Senegal energy planning process.

Closed meeting, by invitation only.