Country Workshop on Participatory Processes For Developing National Long-Term Energy Scenarios

The IRENA Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) Network is a platform that facilitates the exchange of experiences and best practices among government scenario practitioners and experts involved in the development and use of scenarios to advance the clean energy transition. Over the past five years, member countries and partners have highlighted the benefits of involving diverse stakeholders in the scenario development process. Involving diverse stakeholders can benefit energy planning in governments by increasing the legitimacy, acceptance, and utility of scenarios. Brainstorming with stakeholders on various scenarios, including best and worst-case scenarios, is crucial to creating a shared vision of the future and a mutual understanding of the pathways being discussed. Additionally, engaging diverse stakeholders can help assess different views of the current context and future, ultimately leading to a more robust and comprehensive scenario. Finally, participatory processes can also help ensure that the energy transition is just and inclusive.

The Network has held several activities on the topic of participatory processes. At the International Energy Workshop 2022, a session was organized in which experts from the scientific community discussed their own experiences in stakeholder engagement and communication of scenarios. At the 4th International Forum on LTES, a workshop was held in which country representatives and other experts engaged in interactive group discussions to outline some of the benefits, challenges, and tools encountered when facilitating a participatory scenario development process.

The objective of this half-day virtual workshop was to facilitate knowledge sharing among government scenario practitioners on the challenges and benefits of involving diverse stakeholders in the development of long-term energy scenarios. The workshop focused on sharing case studies and practices for effective stakeholder engagement and aimed to promote collaboration and understanding among participants about the challenges and benefits for countries when holding these processes.

This workshop was invitation-only. If you are involved in the energy scenario development process of your government, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at to explore how you could be involved in this project.