IRENA Regional Model Analysis & Planning Support Programme: Central Africa Phase 2: Final consultation session

Since December 2020, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Central African Power Pool (CAPP) have been implementing a Regional Model Analysis and Planning Programme for CAPP member states. Responding to member state requests to strengthen capacity for long-term energy planning processes and tools, the programme has delivered practical training to roughly 70 expert staff of national power sector planning institutions from all 11 regional countries. The first phase of the training, between December 2020 – October 2021, focused on the MESSAGE modelling software and how to develop national generation capacity expansion scenarios with the IRENA System Planning Test (SPLAT) model framework. The second phase of the programme, starting in September 2022, has expanded upon the training of CAPP members, with a focus on regional application and how to model regional scenarios.

In this final session for the programme, IRENA, the CAPP Secretariat, and country stakeholders reviewed the regional modelling results that have been achieved based on the work of the participants. This was the final consultation regarding modelling results before IRENA continued to develop a consolidated regional study, which may be used as the basis for the region’s first power sector masterplan.

Event is closed, by Invitation only.