IRENA at the 2023 International Energy Workshop

IRENA side event at the 41th International Energy Workshop: Electricity demand profiles in the clean energy transition

The International Energy Workshop (IEW) is a leading annual conference for the international energy modelling research community. In 2023, IRENA co-sponsored and participated in the 41st IEW in Golden, Colorado, USA, co-hosted by the Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The IRENA side event on the first day of IEW addressed electricity demand profiles in the clean energy transition. The event aimed to gather modelling experts to better understand emerging complexities regarding the representation of electricity demand profiles in long-term modelling, as a result of new developments in sector-coupling and increased demand-side flexibility. The discussion during the event acted as valuable input to the framing and contents of IRENA’s next thematic installment of the Planning for the Renewable Future series.

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