Workshop: IRENA SolarCity Simulator

This capacity building workshop aimed to present the SolarCity Simulator for the City of Bamako, Mali.

The SolarCity simulator, developed by IRENA, is an innovative web-based platform designed to support cities in assessing the potential for rooftop solar PV installations.

The tool allows users to test policy instruments, incentive schemes, and a system design that could lead to potential economic savings, social-environmental benefits, and support cities to achieve carbon neutral goals.

The workshop featured the methodology used to develop the simulator and demonstrate how the tool could be utilised by homeowners, investors, and project developers to assess the rooftop solar PV potential in Bamako.

Following the opening remarks, presentation, and demonstration, the workshop included intervention from the country representatives and International Solar Alliance (ISA) to explore the opportunities and challenges for deploying rooftop PV systems in Mali. The workshop closed with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

Live translation of the event to and from French was available.

Meeting participation was by invitation only.