Accelerated Partnership for Renewables in Africa: Country Consultations – Zimbabwe

Founded at the African Climate Summit in September 2023 by Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, with support from Denmark, Germany, the UAE and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Accelerated Partnership for Renewables in Africa (APRA) aims to accelerate energy transitions in respective countries. At COP28 in Dubai, leaders of APRA countries and partners underscored its role in galvanizing action and inspiring global climate leadership through a joint declaration. Under the leadership of African nations, APRA intends to expand all forms of renewable energy to support resilient and inclusive green growth.

The 4th Country Consultations under APRA (Accelerated Partnership for Renewables in Africa) was held in Harare, Zimbabwe on 24-26 January. The workshop, coordinated by the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, and facilitated by IRENA, saw the attendance of the Minister, Hon. Dr Jenfan Muswere, and over 100 local and international participants from a broad range of stakeholder institutions. The consultations led to a better understanding of the national priorities and energy transition ecosystem for each country through the engagement of a broad range of national and international stakeholders and the identification of specific needs.

The 1-day workshop, which consisted of discussions and interaction, was followed by 9 bilateral meetings over 2 days for detailed discussions and exchange which were led by Mr Gurbuz Gonul, Director CEP. The Multistakeholder Consultative Workshop relied on inclusive and focused discussions with stakeholders on a range of country-specific priority areas relevant to the clean energy transition, focused not only on a renewables-based energy transition but also on broader cross-cutting issues such as economic growth and industrial development, job creation, improving lives and livelihoods and other development ambitions.

The workshop was by invitation only.