APRA Ethiopia National Consultation Workshop

The Accelerated Partnership for Renewables in Africa (APRA) is an African country-led international alliance of governments and stakeholders working together to accelerate the deployment of renewables-based energy systems to enhance energy access, enable green industrialisation, and improve economic and societal resilience. Currently, APRA's members include Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe with Denmark, Germany, UAE and US supporting the Partnership and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) fulfilling the secretariat role.

At CoP28 in Dubai, leaders of APRA countries and partners underscored its role in galvanizing action and inspiring global climate leadership through a joint declaration. As part of this process, IRENA in collaborations with the government of Ethiopia is organising consultative workshop, outcomes of which will inform the process of developing country-specific work plan within a broader perspective of kick-starting an ambitious rollout for renewables deployment.

The upcoming Ethiopia workshop to be held on 3 June 2024, in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE), will be supported by a series of bilateral consultations with government entities and partners to draw up a detailed planning and coordination framework for the development and implementation under the umbrella of this partnership.

Closed meeting, by invitation only.