AIS Regional Consultative Workshop on SIDS Lighthouses Initiative Progress Indicators and Impact Measures

In 2014, the S.A.M.O.A. Pathway set a resounding call for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) towards the Paris Agreement. The SIDS Lighthouses Initiative (LHI) emerged as a response, launching at the 2014 UN Climate Summit to facilitate coordinated support for renewable energy deployment in island nations. As the energy landscape of SIDS evolved, IRENA engaged in consultations to identify priority areas for the next phase of the initiative.

IRENA's consultation with LHI partners led to the endorsement of priority areas at the UN Climate Summit in 2018. These areas focus on reviewing and implementing NDCs, deploying effective solutions, promoting diverse renewable sources, supporting bankable projects, strengthening capacity development, expanding focus beyond power generation, and fostering synergies with energy efficiency and non-energy sectors.

Scheduled for March 11th-13th in Victoria, Seychelles, the AIS Regional Consultative Workshop aimed to present draft progress indicators and impact measures developed by IRENA. The objective was to receive feedback on relevance, appropriateness, and opportunities for further strengthening.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Consensus Achieved: Participants agreed on the importance of participating and reporting on SIDS LHI progress.
  • Competencies Developed: Stakeholders enhance dtheir reporting skills for the progress of SIDS LHI implementation.
  • Agreement Attained: Consensus was reached on shortlisted indicators and impact measures of the 12 priority areas.
  • Experiences Shared: Challenges and capacity needs related to reporting were shared and considered in refining the indicators.
  • Targeted Participants: Representatives from government ministries, public sectors, development partners, financial institutions, and other stakeholders from the AIS SIDS responsible for energy transition and monitoring progress within international frameworks participated.
  • Consultation Structure and Methodology: The workshop adopted a participatory approach using 'discovery' mechanisms. Two weeks before the workshop, a draft report containing indicators and impact measures was circulated, allowing stakeholders to validate findings, provide inputs, and agree on recommendations during the consultative workshop.

The AIS Regional Consultative Workshop underlines IRENA's commitment to advancing the SIDS LHI, ensuring it aligns with the evolving energy context of SIDS, and contributes to sustainable energy transitions in the AIS region. It signifies a crucial step in gauging progress, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the impact of the SIDS LHI on the economies of participating islands.

The event was by invitation only.