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    • Low-cost finance for the energy transition

      This report identifies the pressing need for greater private sector engagement in the financing of energy transition projects, as well as closer public-private collaboration to sustain the net zero pathway.

      Publications Reports Energy transition Finance & investment Costs Technology
    • The cost of financing for renewable power

      Based on a new, unique dataset from a global survey, this IRENA report presents unprecedented insights on the cost of capital for onshore wind, offshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.

      Publications Reports Finance & investment Costs Technology Solar energy Wind energy
    • Renewable Energy for Agriculture: Insights from Southeast Asia

      This report examines the role of renewables in meeting growing energy needs in the agriculture sector in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner.

      Reports Publications Socio-economic impact Energy transition Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Buildings & cities
    • Decarbonising End-use Sectors: Green Hydrogen Certification

      This brief, developed by the IRENA Coalition for Action, provides an overview of technical considerations for green hydrogen tracking systems and the challenges that need to be addressed for the creation of such instruments.

      Publications Reports Hydrogen Technology Green hydrogen Policy Energy transition in end uses Policy Coalition for Action
    • Green Hydrogen for Industry: A Guide to Policy Making

      This report highlights the range of policy options available to support green hydrogen in the industrial sector and complements these policies with country examples.

      Publications Reports Green hydrogen Policy Hydrogen Technology
    • Urban Energy Transition for the Greater Metropolitan Area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica

      This report explores technological options in the Greater Metropolitan Area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica to contribute towards achieving the national decarbonisation goal and also improving the sustainability of their jurisdiction.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Country Renewable energy for cities Policy Buildings & cities Technology Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

      The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the geopolitical drivers and potential consequences of the development of clean hydrogen value chains.

      Publications Reports CF Geopolitics Climate Action Collaborative Frameworks Geopolitics Hydrogen Technology Green hydrogen Policy
    • Off-grid Renewable Energy Statistics 2021

      This publication presents statistics for the decade 2010-2019 in trilingual tables, covering off-grid power capacity, biogas production and numbers of people using off-grid power and biogas for cooking and lighting.

      Publications Reports Statistics Off-grid for energy access Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Hydropower Technology Solar energy Technology
    • A Pathway to Decarbonise the Shipping Sector by 2050

      This report explores the options and actions needed to progress towards a decarbonised maritime shipping sector by 2050 identifying a realistic pathway to reach the 1.5°C climate goal.

      Publications Reports Transport Technology Energy efficiency Technology Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Hydrogen Technology Wind energy Technology Costs Bioenergy Policy
    • Sector Coupling in Facilitating Integration of Variable Renewable Energy in Cities

      The report highlights the importance of sector coupling as a key source of flexibility that cities can explore to stabilise power grid operations when integrating high shares of variable renewable energy sources.

      Publications Reports Buildings & cities Technology Renewable energy for cities Policy Energy storage Technology Electrification Innovation
    • Renewables Readiness Assessment: Paraguay

      This report examines Paraguay’s energy institutions and their governance, long-term energy planning practices, and the socio-economic benefits of promoting renewable and low-carbon technologies in the end-use sectors.

      Publications Reports Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Long term energy planning Planning Targets & NDCs Policy Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact Energy efficiency Technology Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • Utility-scale Solar and Wind Areas: Burkina Faso

      This study seeks to map suitable areas in Burkina Faso for deploying utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power projects.

      Publications Reports Solar energy Technology Wind energy Technology Long term energy planning Planning
    • Renewable Energy Benefits: Leveraging Local Capacity for Solar Water Heaters

      This report aims to expand policy makers’ understanding of the steps needed to develop a local market for solar water heaters, and the existing capabilities that can be leveraged to do so. The report also highlights opportunities to create local value by setting up a domestic industry around solar water heaters.

      Publications Reports Energy & jobs Socio-economic impact Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact Local value creation Socio-economic impact Solar energy Technology Buildings & cities Technology
    • Offshore Renewables: An Action Agenda for Deployment

      The report provides insights on various emerging offshore renewable energy technologies and their underlying potential. It also outlines a possible Action Plan for the G20 countries to drive offshore technologies closer to the commercialisation phase.

      Publications Reports Climate Action Ocean Technology Wind energy Technology Solar energy Technology Targets & NDCs Policy
    • Reaching Zero with Renewables: Biojet Fuels

      This report summarises progress, explores the potential to scale up biojet production in the near and longer term, and explain the actions needed to realise the aviation sector’s decarbonisation goals.

      Publications Reports Climate Action Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Bioenergy Policy Transport Technology
    • World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway

      This report outlines a pathway for the world to achieve the Paris Agreement goals and halt the pace of climate change by transforming the global energy landscape.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Global Climate Action Targets & NDCs Policy Bioenergy Policy Green hydrogen Policy Carbon capture Technology Energy efficiency Technology Electrification Innovation Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact
    • Tracking the Impacts of Innovation: Offshore wind as a case study

      This report is an initial output of two projects focused on tracking innovation impacts: the Innovation Impacts Dashboard (IID) project and the Tracking Energy Innovation Impacts Framework (TEIIF) project. 

      Publications Reports Wind energy Technology Innovation indicators Innovation
    • Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report (2021)

      This joint tracking report provides the most comprehensive look available at the world’s progress towards global energy targets on access to electricity, clean cooking, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

      Publications Reports Targets & NDCs Policy Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact Energy efficiency Technology
    • Utility-scale Solar and Wind Areas: Mauritania

      The report provides insights on the country’s potential to adopt solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power.

      Publications Reports Solar energy Technology Wind energy Technology Power Generation Costs Costs
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