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    • Intellectual Property Rights: The Role of Patents in Renewable Energy Technology Innovation

      Patent information can provide valuable insights on the renewable energy sector as new technologies arise and markets continue to evolve. Analysis of renewable energy technology patents, for example, can reveal: which countries and innovators are most active in inventing technologies; the potential markets where technologies need to be protected;

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    • Renewable Technology Innovation Indicators: Mapping progress in costs, patents and standards

      This report provides a valuable resource for policy makers and researchers by collecting data on a range of quantitative innovation indicators on the costs and performance of renewable technologies, patents and standards.

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    • Tracking the Impacts of Innovation: Offshore wind as a case study

      This report is an initial output of two projects focused on tracking innovation impacts: the Innovation Impacts Dashboard (IID) project and the Tracking Energy Innovation Impacts Framework (TEIIF) project. 

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    • Testing IRENA’s biogas survey guidelines: Lessons learned in six countries

      The report suggests was to improve biogas data collection, including reducing survey costs, improving response rates, simplifying the data collected and using local knowledge about previous projects and programmes.

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