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    • How Solar Power Improves Coffee Farming in Southern Philippines

      The I-PURE Kalamansig Sustainable Coffee Production project in Philippines seeks to promote the adoption of renewable energy solutions in the agricultural sector and inspire other agricultural communities to exercise sustainable practices.

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    • In Rural Malaysia, Local Communities Are Empowered to Develop and Maintain Renewable Power

      A new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) titled Socio-economic footprint of the energy transition: Southeast Asia indicates that the success of a just and inclusive energy transition in the region depends on how local workforces are empowered to actively participate in the decarbonisation of the economy.

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    • These are the top clean energy sector trends this year

      S&P Global has identified key trends in the renewable energy sector this year, as the industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic and supply chain disruption.

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    • Renewable energy is charging ahead

      Renewable energy has seen considerable growth in recent years, but there is a long way to go to achieve a clean energy future that averts the worst effects of the climate crisis.

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    • Women in Renewables Can Be Agents of Change

      Leveraging women’s participation as change agents can encourage, influence, and speed up the energy transformation.

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    • IRENA DG Visits DRE-based Livelihood Projects in India

      On February 6, 2023, during his mission to India, IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera led a delegation to the village of Narayanpura near Bangalore where he saw first-hand a wide range of energy access solutions run by non-profit organisation SELCO Foundation.

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    • Could the Energy Transition Benefit Africa's Economies?

      The energy transition, with its systematic shift to renewable energy needs to be understood not as a burden impost on the world’s most vulnerable people, but as a vast opportunity to improve livelihoods across Africa in ways that transcend purely economic benefits.

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    • A Gender Perspective on Solar Employment

      IRENA’s new report, Solar PV: A Gender Perspective, finds that women fare best in solar PV manufacturing, representing 47% of the workforce.

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    • Solar PV Employs More Women Than Any Renewables

      New IRENA report shows that solar PV industry has the highest share of full-time women employees, reaching 40% in 2021.

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    • Renewable Energy Jobs Hit 12.7 Million Globally

      New report confirms growth in renewable jobs despite multiple crises and calls for targeted industrial strategies to create stable supply chains and ‘good jobs’.

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    • Let’s Not Forget, People Power Energy

      In a world so rich in innovation and technology, it is easy to forget just how important people are to progress and development.

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    • Renewable-based Pathway Key to Palau’s Welfare

      A new report by IRENA explains how Palau can achieve its target of 100 percent renewables by 2050 through increased deployment of renewables.

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    • What We Do Today Affects Tomorrow: SIDS Youth Embrace Renewables

      Although vulnerable to the severest impacts of a warming planet, SIDS have historically contributed the least to global carbon emissions.

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    • Energy Transition Holds Key to Tackle Global Energy and Climate Crisis

      World Energy Transitions Outlook outlines priority actions till 2030 to keep 1.5°C alive; calls on governments to fast-track energy transition for more energy security, resilience, and affordable energy for all.

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    • Renewables and Green Gas: The Only Viable Antidote to High Fossil Fuel Prices

      Outdated perceptions of the costs of clean energy remain a major barrier to the energy transition. Despite the dramatic fall in prices across these technologies, the dialogue surrounding “cheap” fossil fuels and “expensive” renewable energy endures, and must be changed.

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