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    • 100% renewable energy scenarios: Supporting ambitious policy targets

      This study from the IRENA Coalition for Action compares three 100% renewable energy scenarios and two net-zero emissions scenarios to identify common challenges and opportunities for a rapid and holistic shift towards more ambitious renewable energy targets.

      Publications Reports Energy transition Policy Coalition for Action
    • North Africa: Policies and finance for renewable energy

      The brief by IRENA, highlights North Africa’s large renewable energy potential and explores its current policy environment to support the energy transition and the deployment of renewable energy in the coming years.

      Publications Reports Energy transition Finance & investment Policy
    • Renewable energy market analysis: Mano River Union region

      This report analyses the energy sector landscape in the Mano River Union (MRU) region, discussing opportunities and solutions to scale-up renewable energy adoption in support of the region’s energy and socio-economic development goals.

      Publications Reports Policy Energy transition
    • The Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022

      This report by IRENA, IEA and and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions is focused on supporting stronger international collaboration to drive reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions.

      Reports Publications Climate Action Energy transition Targets & NDCs Policy
    • World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway

      This report guides policy makers to stay on the the 1.5°C path to 2050, explores the socio-economic impacts of the transition and suggests ways to speed progress towards universal access to clean energy.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Global Climate Action Collaborative Frameworks CF Critical Materials Energy transition Off-grid for energy access Targets & NDCs Policy Carbon capture Critical materials
    • Decarbonising End-use Sectors: Green Hydrogen Certification

      This brief, developed by the IRENA Coalition for Action, provides an overview of technical considerations for green hydrogen tracking systems and the challenges that need to be addressed for the creation of such instruments.

      Publications Reports Hydrogen Technology Green hydrogen Policy Energy transition in end uses Policy Coalition for Action
    • Green Hydrogen for Industry: A Guide to Policy Making

      This report highlights the range of policy options available to support green hydrogen in the industrial sector and complements these policies with country examples.

      Publications Reports Green hydrogen Policy Hydrogen Technology
    • Urban Energy Transition for the Greater Metropolitan Area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica

      This report explores technological options in the Greater Metropolitan Area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica to contribute towards achieving the national decarbonisation goal and also improving the sustainability of their jurisdiction.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Country Renewable energy for cities Policy Buildings & cities Technology Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • 可再生能源智能电气化:推动能源服务转型


      Publications Reports Electrification Innovation Power sector transformation Innovation Digitalisation Innovation Renewable energy for cities Policy
    • Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

      The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the geopolitical drivers and potential consequences of the development of clean hydrogen value chains.

      Publications Reports CF Geopolitics Climate Action Collaborative Frameworks Geopolitics Hydrogen Technology Green hydrogen Policy
    • NDCs and Renewable Energy Targets in 2021

      This report assesses current climate pledges in light of the challenge ahead, and explores the transformative opportunity offered by renewable energy that can serve as a vehicle for delivering the needed emission reductions.

      Publications Reports Targets & NDCs Policy
    • Fostering Livelihoods with Decentralised Renewable Energy: An Ecosystems Approach

      This brief discusses the ’ecosystem’ necessary for linking electricity services through decentralised renewable energy with people’s livelihoods.

      Publications Reports CF Just & Inclusive Energy Transition Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact Energy & jobs Socio-economic impact Gender Socio-economic impact Power system structures & markets Policy Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • IRENA's Energy Transition Support to Strengthen Climate Action

      This report highlights the work done during the NDCs review process, the support offered through its different work packages as well as facilitating Parties and countries with project developments, financing and investment.

      Publications Reports Climate Action Targets & NDCs Policy
    • De-Risking Investments in North Macedonia

      This report, developed by IRENA and UNDP under the Climate Promise cooperation framework, aims to support North Macedonia accelerate the implementation of its enhanced NDC.

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