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    • Sustainable Rural Bioenergy Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A collection of good practices

      This collection aims to provide a reference for policy makers and practitioners working to scale up bioenergy in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Energy, agriculture, forestry, environment, finance and business experts all seek for solutions to provide energy and also enhance food security, social welfare and environmental sustainability.

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    • Geothermal development in Eastern Africa

      The East African Rift region holds significant geothermal potential. This report offers recommendations to fast-track regional geothermal energy development.

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    • Biofuel potential in Sub-Saharan Africa: Raising food yields, reducing food waste and utilising residues

      This report offers detailed estimates of the biomass resource potential in Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. With conversion to advanced liquid biofuels, sustainable biomass feedstock could potentially meet or exceed the five countries’ combined fuel needs for transport in 2050, according IRENA estimates.

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    • Renewable Energy in Cities

      This report explores potential for urban communities to scale-up renewables by 2030, based on estimated energy use 3,649 cities around the world. By highlighting the best practices, it examines the policies and technologies by which cities can bring about a renewable energy future.

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    • Bioenergy from degraded land in Africa

      This study presents a methodology to estimate the sustainable energy potential from land restoration in line with the Bonn Challenge, particularly as it relates to African countries.

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    • Biogas for Domestic Cooking: Technology brief

      This technology brief provides technical background information, analyses market potential and barriers, and offers insights for policy makers on biogas for domestic cooking.

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    • A Path to Prosperity: Renewable Energy for Islands, 3rd Edition

      This report highlights the role of islands in global efforts against climate change. It highlights transitions to renewables in the power, including planning and implementation, enabling business models and transition tools.

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    • Sugarcane bioenergy in Southern Africa: Economic potential for sustainable scale-up

      This study reviews the bioenergy potential from sugarcane and associated development costs in seven sugar-producing countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), aiming to provide a foundation for more detailed country-level studies exploring practical potential.

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    • Measuring small-scale biogas capacity and production

      This field guide presents various methodologies for estimating biogas capacity, production and consumption. Such information can be integrated into national censuses, household surveys and energy surveys.

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