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    • Green hydrogen: A guide to policy making

      Renewable-based “green” hydrogen will be crucial to achieve net-zero emissions. This report offers guidelines on how to kickstart it at national and regional levels.

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    • Innovation Outlook: Renewable Methanol

      Methanol is essential for the chemical industry. Largely produced from fossil fuels, it can be made from sustainable, renewable-based energy sources.

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    • Hydrogen from renewable power: Technology outlook for the energy transition

      As the world strives to cut carbon emissions, electric power from renewables has emerged as a vital energy source.  Fuel needs for transport and industry, meanwhile, could be met with renewable-based hydrogen.

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    • A Pathway to Decarbonise the Shipping Sector by 2050

      This report explores the options and actions needed to progress towards a decarbonised maritime shipping sector by 2050 identifying a realistic pathway to reach the 1.5°C climate goal.

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    • Decarbonising End-use Sectors: Green Hydrogen Certification

      This brief, developed by the IRENA Coalition for Action, provides an overview of technical considerations for green hydrogen tracking systems and the challenges that need to be addressed for the creation of such instruments.

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    • Green Hydrogen Supply: A Guide to Policy Making

      This report aims to provide a basis for understanding these challenges and the solutions available. It highlights the range of policy options available, complemented by country examples.

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    • Green Hydrogen for Industry: A Guide to Policy Making

      This report highlights the range of policy options available to support green hydrogen in the industrial sector and complements these policies with country examples.

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    • Decarbonising end-use sectors: Practical insights on green hydrogen

      This white paper, developed by the IRENA Coalition for Action, provides insights from a renewable energy industry perspective on the growth opportunities of green hydrogen and what is needed from policy makers to accelerate its adoption worldwide.

      Publications Reports Green hydrogen Policy Hydrogen Technology Energy transition in end uses Policy Coalition for Action
    • Hydrogen: A renewable energy perspective

      This paper examines the potential of hydrogen fuel for hard-to-decarbonise energy uses, including aviation, shipping and other. But the decarbonisation impact depends on how hydrogen is produced.

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    • Green hydrogen cost reduction

      Green hydrogen can help to cut emissions in energy-intensive, hard-to decarbonise sectors like steel, chemicals, long-haul transport, shipping and aviation. But electrolyser costs must be cut to make it economical.

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    • Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

      The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the geopolitical drivers and potential consequences of the development of clean hydrogen value chains.

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    • Water for hydrogen production

      Providing an in-depth analysis of water withdrawal and consumption intensities across various hydrogen production pathways, this report offers tailored recommendations to guide policy makers and industry towards more water-efficient practices.

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    • The changing role of hydropower: Challenges and opportunities

      This report is aimed at policy makers and hydropower practitioners to raise awareness among IRENA stakeholders regarding hydropower’s perceived challenges and needs, and to serve as a catalyst for debate in the context of IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Hydropower.

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    • 水电不断变化的角色:挑战与机遇

      本报告简要介绍了水电的现状,并提出了如何充分发挥其潜力的愿景,旨在提高 IRENA 利益相关者对水电面临的挑战和需求的认识,并作为 IRENA 水电合作框架背景下辩论的催化剂。

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    • International co-operation to accelerate green hydrogen deployment

      This report from IRENA's Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen assesses progress in green hydrogen deployment, including the development of green hydrogen supply and demand structures.

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    • Events

      2024 International Hydrogen Conference

      The event offers a unique opportunity for industries in the region to learn about latest developments in hydrogen technologies, network within the expert community and form valuable contacts.

    • Events

      Hydrogen in the Gas Grid Workshop-2

      IRENA conducted a series of three workshops to explore the topics related to the use of the natural gas grid to deliver hydrogen (midstream infrastructure).

    • Events

      The Role of Green Hydrogen in Reaching Zero Emission

      Following the IRENA’s 2019 report ‘Hydrogen: A renewable energy perspective’, this webinar will provide a more in-depth perspective on hydrogen’s strategic considerations, its nexus with renewable energy, its economics and trade.

    • Events

      Global Renewable Energy Forum 2019: The Road to Carbon-neutrality

      GREF 2019  focused on pathways towards carbon-neutrality by 2050, analysing the current status of renewable energy policies and decarbonisation pathways from different perspectives and highlight the role of hydrogen and power-to-x pathways — focusing on improving the understanding of hydrogen ‘as a low-carbon technology option’ and analysing the existing barriers and solutions needed to accelerate its deployment. 

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