How to become a Member

The Statute of IRENA in Article VII (A) stipulates that membership in the Agency is open to those States that are members of the United Nations and to regional intergovernmental economic integration organisations, willing and able to act in accordance with the objectives and activities laid down in the Statute.

The IRENA Statute was open for signature until 8 July 2010, the date of its entry into force. The following States, called Signatories, have signed the Statute before its entry into force and have not yet ratified it:

Cambodia, Chile, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Syrian Arab Republic, Timor-Leste, United Republic of Tanzania.

The ‘NOTE ON MEMBERSHIP FOR SIGNATORIES – RATIFICATION’ describes the steps those States need to take in order to become Members of IRENA:

Pursuant to Article VI (B) (2) of the Statute, States and regional organisations that did not sign the Statute prior to its entry into force on 08 July 2010 may become Members of the Agency by accession to the Statute after their application for membership has been approved. The following countries have successfully submitted applications for membership and are currently States in Accession:

Andorra, Brazil, Burundi, Malawi.

The ‘NOTE ON MEMBERSHIP FOR NEW APPLICANTS - ACCESSION’ describes the steps all other members of the United Nations and regional intergovernmental economic integration organisations need to take in order to become Members of IRENA: