The RRA process


RRA Phase 1 – Initiation and demonstration of intent: this phase involves engagement with countries to select consultants and identify key stakeholders for the RRA; development partners may also commit to engage in Assessments and subsequent activities. Based on the country-level data collected, the designated RRA consultant will draft a background paper to provide an overview of the country’s socio-economic status and concerns, as well as a review of its energy sector (institutions, policy, laws and regulations), and renewable energy potential and initiatives. Upon the finalisation of the background paper, the RRA Advisor and RRA Focal Point will form a National Expert Group of decision makers and knowledgeable individuals drawn from the country’s renewable energy sector to determine priority service–resource pairings (preferably up to 5). Regional and international experts may also be identified and invited to join the National Expert Group.

RRA Phase 2 – Detailed country assessment and action plan: this phase involves discussions within the National Expert Group to finalise the details of RRA service-resource pair templates; and the drafting of a prioritised action plan during the RRA Expert Workshop. Interviews will be conducted with high level stakeholders to develop a holistic view of trends and developments that can enrich the findings of the process. The RRA consultant will develop a draft RRA report during this phase.

RRA Phase 3 - RRA validation and finalisation: during this phase the draft RRA report will be presented and made available for validation by a wide range of stakeholders through an RRA Validation Workshop. Following a subsequent peer-review process, the RRA consultant, the ministry responsible for renewable energy development and IRENA will finalise and publish the RRA country report.

RRA Phase 4 - Follow up: the report is disseminated and follow-up is undertaken by governments, IRENA, development partners and any other relevant parties. At this stage, support may be provided by IRENA and development partners for further engagement with the country.