Energy Planning Training Programme for NDCs


Countries are raising climate ambition as they entered, in 2020, into five-yearly cycles of revising Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the framework of the Paris Agreement. In this context, IRENA provides trainings on long-term energy planning, customized for staff of relevant national ministries, to support the NDC revision process.

The trainings consist of tool e-learning sessions and a series of interactive workshops, supplemented by home exercises, which strengthen participants’ knowledge of the tool until they can use it independently and produce the desired analyses to support decision making. While mastering the use of IRENA's tools for energy planning, the participants also get the opportunity to constantly discuss and interact with international experts of this field.

These trainings are being conducted for five countries. Training sessions have been built around the use of IRENA’s SPLAT models. Training contents have been specially designed to focus on identifying improvement priorities in the energy sector that would serve as key opportunities to enhance national climate ambition.

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