Addressing variable renewable energy (VRE) in long-term planning


Solar and wind resources are becoming increasingly attractive options for countries seeking to expand their power sector infrastructure. However, their unique properties also present new challenges. Through the Addressing Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) in Long-term Energy Planning (AVRIL) project, IRENA collects and formalises knowledge on state-of-the-art energy planning and modelling methodologies that improve the representation of VREs in the long-term planning frameworks of national governments.

Detailed insights from IRENA’s AVRIL project can be found in the report, Planning for the renewable future: Long-term modelling and tools to expand variable renewable power in emerging economies. The project emphasises the need to adequately address VRE variability, uncertainty and location-dependency in long-term generation expansion models, and to integrate stronger feedback loops between planning stages.

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Expert workshops

Expert workshops are conducted to collect inputs on the latest developments regarding data and methodologies that could bring practical advancements in terms of the representation of VRE in long-term energy planning. Researchers, institutions and government planners are invited to share their insights and contribute to the AVRIL project and its reports. IRENA organises side-events at the International Energy Workshop (IEW), a leading conference for the international energy modelling research community, to provide an interface with government planners. IRENA also hosted 34th edition of the IEW in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Power sector planning workshops in South America, Central Asia and the Arab countries

IRENA works with its Member States to conduct regional workshops to exchange advanced modelling knowledge for power systems with high shares of VRE. These workshops also feature discussions on modern planning frameworks, methodological innovations and expert experiences. Such regional workshops have been held in South America, Central Asia and the Arab countries.

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Capacity building regional workshops