Digitalisation as a flexibility enabler

Overview of the status and impact of the innovation



Digitalisation makes it possible to set smart strategies. By way of computational programmes or machine learning algorithms, such strategies use the data acquired from metering devices to add valuable flexibility, optimise operations and lower costs. Computational programmes are being implemented in industrial ovens, in systems that use reservoirs for cooling and in induction furnaces for aluminium smelting (Cuvelier, 2020). Metering devices are widely used by industries to monitor the operation and energy use of machinery, furnaces, boilers and various processes. Such devices are increasingly used in buildings, where they inform new business models that reduce consumers’ energy bills.


Digitalisation is a key innovation, enabling energy-intensive users in the industry sector, such as aluminium smelters, to increase the flexibility of their electricity consumption, save energy and increase the reliability of their processes. Similarly, digitalisation can help buildings reduce energy costs and can provide flexibility to the energy grid to maximise the use of renewable sources.

Power to heat and cooling innovations

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