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Heat mapping can be an extremely useful tool for understanding energy use across a city. The idea is to create a map that shows precisely where, and how much, energy is being used in a city, along with types of energy and end uses. The mapping can then be used for many layers of analysis.


Heating and cooling maps can help paint a complete picture of demand and thus inform plans for energy use and infrastructure investments. It can help determine the optimal placement and sizing of heat pumps, for example, while considering the constraints imposed by both heating networks and the electricity distribution network. Such planning will reduce losses in both networks and optimise overall operational costs.

BOX 6.15 Heat mapping project in Europe

Hotmaps is a European project that has designed an open-source toolbox to support public authorities, energy agencies and urban planners as they plan heating and cooling at local, regional and national levels. It allows users to map cooling and heating demand, as well as supply, for 28 EU Member States, along with renewable energy generation and industrial waste heat potential. It ensures that planned strategies will be in line with EU policies. Hotmaps has been demonstrated and validated in seven European pilots – in Denmark, Romania, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Source: (Hotmaps, 2021).

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